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City of Seward Municipal Code

The City Code is available in .pdf file format. You will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. If you need to download the free reader click here.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Administrative Chapter 2  Commissions and Boards
Article 1. General Provisions Article 1. Standing Committees
Article 2. Elected Officials Article 2. Library
Article 3. Appointed Officials Article 3. Planning Commission
Article 4. Bonds and Oath Article 4. Board of Health
Article 5. Corporate Seal Article 5. Parks and Recreation
Article 6. Meetings Article 6. Cemetery
Article 7. Ordinances Article 7. Housing Authority
Article 8. Elections Article 8. Plumbing Examiners
Article 9. Fiscal Management Article 9. Airport Authority
Article 10. Compensation Article 10. Civic Center Commission
Article 11. Police Pension Plan Article 11. Civil Service Commission
Article 12. Initiative and Referendum Article 12. Board of Electrical Examiners
Article 13. Penal Provision Article 13. Policy Compliance
Article 14. Intergovernmental Risk Management Article 14. City Tree Board
S1-1501 City Sales Tax  
Chapter 3 Departments Chapter 4 Health and Sanitation
Article 1. Water Department Article 1. General Provisions
Article 2. Sewer Department Article 2. Garbage Disposal
Article 3. Electrical System Article 3. Garbage Collectors
Article 4. Utilities Generally Article 4. Dumping Grounds
  Article 5. Nuisances
  Article 6. Abatement of Nuisances
Chapter 5 Traffic Regulations Chapter 6 Police Regulations
Article 1. Definitions Article 1. Dogs
Article 2. Municipal Traffic Regulations Article 2. Animals Generally
Article 3. Prohibitions and Enforcement Article 3. Miscellaneous Offenses
Article 4. Parking Article 4. Seized or Found Property
Article 5. Operator and Vehicle Qualifications Article 5. Fish Regulations
Article 6. Bicycles and Mopeds Article 6. Police Department
Article 7. Pedestrians  
Article 8. Snowmobiles and Mini-bikes  
Article 9. All-Terrain Vehicles  
Chapter 7 Fire Regulations Chapter 8 Public Ways and Property
Article 1. Fire Department Article 1. Municipal Property
Article 2. Fires Article 2. Sidewalks
Article 3. Fire Prevention Article 3. Streets
Article 4. Poisonous and Flammable Gases Article 4. Curb and Gutter
Article 5. Explosives  
Chapter 9 Building Regulations Chapter 10  Business Regulations
Article 1. Building Inspector Article 1. Alcoholic Beverages
Article 2. Building Permits Article 2. Itinerant Sales
Article 3. Building Moving Article 3. Bingo
Article 4. Barricades and Lights Article 4. Motion Picture Shows
Article 5. Unsafe Buildings Article 5. Trailer Courts
Article 6. Building Code Article 6. Junk and Junk Dealers
Article 7. Housing Code Article 7. Railroads
Article 8. Plumbing Code Article 8. Tobacco Sales
Article 9. Water Conditioning/Lawn Irrigation Article 9. Occupation Taxes
Article 10. Electrical Code Article 10. Amusement Devices
Article 11. Mechanical Code Article 11. Natural Gas Franchise
Article 12. Energy Conservation  
Article 13. Fence Regulations  
Article 14. Board of Appeals  
Chapter 11 Municipal Planning Chapter 12 Fair Housing
Article 1. Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Article 1. Fair Housing Regulations




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